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using formatted date fields in acknowledgement email


Why does the value of a formatted date field not reset when used in emails? Here's my example:

After inputting my search criteria, the results page displays 3 records. I want to send emails to all 3 records. To check the data, I have both an unformatted and formatted date fields in the text.

I select the first record which has the date 09/12/2011. On the detail listing I have a checkbox that says "reminder email sent" so I know I've sent the email. After I check the box, I update the record and the acknowledgement email is sent and has the unformatted date written as 09/12/2011 and the long date Monday, Sept 12, 2011. That's correct.

The second record I select has a field with the date 9/17/2011. The acknowledgement email will display the unformatted date correctly as 09/17/2011 but the long date remains Thursday, Sept 15, 2011 instead of Saturday, Sept 17, 2011.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? The Caspio how-to documentation is hard to navigate and what I have found is not very helpful.


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