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Extremely Slow Page Load Speeds with Caspio Forms Deployed



We have deployed a Caspio DataPage contact form in the side bar of every page of our site (a Wordpress site). I noticed an immediate slow down in the speed of the page loading, as it is "waiting for b3.caspio.com..." I understand this is the time it takes for the javascript to grab the form from Caspio. However, is there a way to avoid this?

While it has been slow since we started using it, this evening there is at least a 30 second delay while the browser spins away waiting to load the rest of the page.

Any thoughts?

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It appears that the extreme slow down resolved over night. Is there anything that we can do when this happens? Also, even at "normal" speed the data page deployed in the sidebar slows down the page load speed by 5 seconds or so. Any tips to try to speed that up? Can the forms be posted in a way that avoids this?

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