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Alternatives to Depoying Forms in Sidebar



We are noticing a delay in loading every page on our site since deploying the Caspio forms on the sidebar of every page. We used to have an HTML form that fed the results to a second page where additional questions were answered, and the pages loaded quickly. Since deploying the Caspio form, there is a slight delay while loading the page while it gets the form from Caspio. Is there an alternative to using the javascript for the sidebar forms? Is it possible to have an HTML form that would pass the information to a second page where the caspio form would receive it?

As an alternative, is it possible for the Caspio database to receive data from a Wordpress plugin like GravityForms? If so, could I use GravityForms for the sidebar form, which would then save the information to Caspio with a unique field that could be used to retrieve that information on the second page form, which would be a Caspio form?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, as site speed is an important ranking factor and Caspio is definitely slowing our site down.


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Hi Aukirk,

It looks like GravityForms don't support any parameters and user may get submitted data only via the email. If it is so, it will not work with Caspio form.

You may use HTML form on pages on your site (use method get and use web page with deployed Caspio form as action, parameters will be passed in URL). Caspio form has to receive parameters from the first form, make these fields hidden and configure receiving parameters options, configure remaining fields as you need. So it will be the same scenario as it was before: user may enter some information on the first page, and it will redirect to the second page with additional questions. But in this case, data will be submitted to the table only after Caspio form submission. So there will not be validation on the first page (unique fields and so on), and if incorrect information will be passed to the second page, form will not be submitted and user will see errors.


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