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Saving search results



Hi All,

I have a searchable database and I'd like to provide clients links to the most popular searches - probably 20-30 different search criteria - so in effect saving the search results.

I understand this is supposed to be possible with the parameters functionality, but as far as I can tell i would have to completely reformat each datapage for each different set of search results. This would be a real pain considering I've customized the original search datapage and don't want to have to redo that 20-30 times.

I've also tried saving the URL from the search results but this deactivates after a few hours.

Is there a simple easy way to do this? I've tried looking to see if there are javascript options, but I'm not sure as the form elements aren't on the webpage. The datapage is deployed on my wordpress site wrapped in shortcode from the Wordpress Caspio plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Hi Heather,

I think you can just create two DataPages, one is Submission Form for saving the searching parameters, and the other is regular Report for searching. You could pass each searching parameter to the next page. I find this article may help you http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-a ... -page.html .

By the way, you’d better to set the filtering parameters as “if empty, ignore criteria†in Advanced Option.

Regards :)

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Hi Heather,

You don't need to create 30 DataPages. All that you need is create one predefined criteria DataPage, allow Bridge and external parameters, include all fields into the search page, if you want use different comparison type for some fields, add new criteria to it (use AND logical operator between criteria), configure receiving parameters for all fields (for each criteria use unique parameter name), and select: If empty ignore criteria on the Advanced tab.

Than you need to create correct URL for each search results you need, by passing and combining different parameters.

Here is an example. You want two search:

1) Name equal Jane, and Date - previous 10 days and

2) Name starts from T and Date equal 12/10/2011.

You need add two criteria to Name (first - equal, second - starts with) and Date (first previous X days and second - equal).

Parameters options: for Name: first - [@n1], second [@n2] , Date: first - [@d1] and second - [@d2]

So, you will need two links to the results page:

1) [caspio direct URL link]&cbResetParam=1&n1=Jane&d1=10

2) [caspio direct URL link]&cbResetParam=1&n2=T&d2=12/10/2011

If you don't need some fields to be used in search, just do not pass any parameters.


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Thanks I think that gets be a bit closer.

But, I'm really not sure I understand how this works. How can I create 1 datapage for the parameters and access 30 individual different search queries off of it? But I get the idea you are saying that is possible?

I want clients to be able to click on one link say to search for red apples suppliers and another different link for green apple suppliers and another for orange suppliers and so on.

I'm really not getting the level of detail I need from the Caspio "How To" page referenced above. Is there any other source of information on how to set this up? Where do I get the url links from, how to I input the parameters, how do I link the two datapages? etc.

Generally the Caspio instructions are pretty good (I know very very little about programming) but this one just seems to assume a significant amount of prior knowledge. I'm happy to read up externally if someone can recommend a good site?

ps. I don't want clients to be able to download search results I literally want them to come up on the screen like a normal search just one that can be saved and the search results accessed without having to fill in the criteria.

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You may read about report creating here: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/creat ... -datapage/

And about parameters here: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/rece ... eters.html

Looks like you need only equal criteria for your field.

For your example: create predefined criteria, enable Bridge and external parameters, include Suppliers field to the Search. Select Receive parameters on Advanced tab, for instance, parameter name is [@suppliers]. Configure other DataPage options.

Deploy the DataPage as Direct link

Now to see only results for green apple suppliers you need pass parameter green apple. So URL will look like following:

[DirectLinkDeployment]&suppliers=green apple

To see results for orange suppliers:


So, you may add links to your page and use these URL as link's source

Green apple suppliers

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Hi Heather,

Because one searching Table could not pass the parameters, as I mentioned before you need two DataPages. You can add 20-30 hyperlinks of the most popular searches in the Submission Form for searching. Insert an HTML block in the Configure Fields screen and add the information (links).

For your example as:

Red Apples

Green Apples

Orange Apples

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