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Strange alpha-numeric entry appended to Excel download



Testing the export and download of our membership table in Excel format, all went well except the following entry has been added at the end of every record. Anyone know what this is and whether I need to preserve it to upload the Execl file back into our Caspio app?


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Hi Lee!

This is why we make copies of objects before editing -- always!...However, it looks like Caspio or Excel tried to assign a unique ID to each record (examine a few entries to see if they vary at all - this happens sometimes if the program sees the data is not unique to any records -- could indicate you have duplicates but don't worry about that yet) -- or something else weird happened which I can't determine without further investigation (which may not be necessary at all so let's keep it moving). Leave the field alone for now and auto-fill the auto-id/number field as we discussed and re-import your table into Caspio, then change the table design to make the auto id/number field type - autonumber. After all this goes well, remove the column/field from your table..../RA

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