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PHP code with caspio



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On 5/16/2013 at 6:53 PM, narayan said:


I am making a caspio HTML login page. which contain 2 field email address and password

I want to connect that page with caspio database.

So, please sent me solution how should i do that?

Please sent me solution ASAP.

Then use database connection line $connect=database;

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Here is a sample PHP code using Caspio SelectDataRaw API (Caspio web services API)



//Caspio Bridge WS API WSDL file

$wsdl = "http://b2.caspio.com/ws/api.asmx?wsdl";

//Caspio Bridge table with sample data

$tableName = "table1";

//two columns from table1

$columnName = "field1,field2";

//Caspio Bridge account name

$name = "youraccountname";

//Web service profile

$profile = "yourprofilename";

//Web service profile password

$password = "password";

//create PHP SOAP object

$client = new SOAPClient($wsdl);

// webservice profile

$arr = array();

$arr["AccountID"] = $name;

$arr["Profile"] = $profile;

$arr["Password"] = $password;

$arr["ObjectName"] = $tableName;

$arr["IsView"] = false;

$arr["FieldList"] = $columnName ;

$arr["Criteria"] = "";

$arr["OrderBy"] = "";

$arr["FieldDelimiter"] = "";

$arr["StringDelimiter"] = "";

//create general searh criteria

$resultRecords1 = $client->__call("SelectDataRaw", $arr);

function getData($records) {

if (gettype($records) == "array") {

foreach ($records as $record) {

echo trim($record)."\n" ;




getData($resultRecords1) ;



Make sure to replace the red words and WSDL URL in this line of the code:

//Caspio Bridge WS API WSDL file

$wsdl = "http://b2.caspio.com/ws/api.asmx?wsdl";

You can get the WSDL URL from your Caspio Bridge account. To do so, go to Users section, highlight the Profile you have created and click on Properties icon. There you can find all the information about the profile including profile name, password and WSDL URL.

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