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Caspio Cloud Major Upgrades... What Will Be The Experience? What Should I Expect?



Hi guys,


I'm trying to understand what to expect from the Caspio cloud, regarding major versions' upgrades. In your experience, how seamless are the upgrades to your Caspio accounts/ environments?

  1. When your code is affected by breaking changes, what are your options? Redo the code? Stay in the same version?
  2. In your experience, how much time does a Caspio major version upgrade consumes you, in terms or redoing/ verifying the code?
  3. And, in terms of testing your applications, to make sure the functionally hasn't broken? (Smoke tests) How often do your applications functionality break?
  4. What is Caspio policy, regarding upgrades? They warn about the updates how much time ahead? Do we have a specific time frame to do these upgrades? What happens if you don't upgrade?
  5. Does your organization accept the upgrades well (the downtime, the Business Units having to participate in the tests, etc.)?

I'm trying to assess how much time should I schedule in future major versions upgrades... Please answer what you can (even if you can't answer everything).


Thanks for everyone's help.

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As far as I know there is not choice for you to decide whether upgrade or not since it is platform and not a software on your desktop. Therefore if there is a new version you will see that when you login to your account. Caspio supports all the broken codes and DPs if they implemented the code and you can get help on your own codes as well if it is broken due to the upgrade. I have been using Caspio for 4 years now and I have never had any problems so far.

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Caspio Bridge upgrades are normally performed very smoothly. As a customer you won't need to take any action and that's the advantage of the cloud platforms. If there are any issues after the upgrade, they work with you to fix them. I suggest if you want to get answers about policies and SLA, contact your account manager assigned to your account.

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