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Formatting Data Page Tabular Report Headers



I haven't been able to work out how to format Data Page Tabular Report Headers on the 'Configure Results Page Field' and wondered if anyone can help me with how to do this. I can format the data cells themselves using html blocks and inline html, but not the headers. I want to be able to do the following:


  • Wrap headers on to more than one line, (inserting a </br> into the label field doesn't work)
  • Specify the width of each column
  • Specify how text is ranged in each column, i.e. ranged left, centred or ranged right


I'd be grateful for some assistance in how to access the table headers to achieve the above, as I can't work this out. I can do generic formatting using the style sheet but I need to be able to format individual columns for the table to have control over each individual column.


Many thanks

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I've been shrinking the results table (data page) by creating different Styles and reducing the table from 100% to a smaller proportion.  Creating or modifying the styles may also have some of the other options you are looking for, but it doesn't seem to let me format individual columns.  I think we're looking for the same thing, so I'll follow this topic and wait for someone more skilled to reply 

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I was struggling with the same thing and discovered this:

The headers are the things that stop you from changing the size of a column because they are forced to no-wrap.


1. Create a new style specific and for the report you want to make this change for

2. Assign the style to the datapage for the report

3.  In the style, go to Result Page > Table Layout > cbResultSetHeaderCell

4.  In the style, change "white-space:nowrap;" to "/*white-space:nowrap;*/"


Now the header cell text will wrap into a second or third row if needed and size settings will work for the column width.

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