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Submission Form Inbound Parameters





Here's the hypothetical situation, the real one is pretty similar as far as the relationships.


I want to insert a record in the CustomerAddres table for a given CustomerId.  CustomerId is a field in the Customers table and in the CustomerAddress table.  Since a customer can have multiple addresses, there's a many to one relationship between the CustomerAddress and the Customers table.



So I'm in a caspio page that's a list of customers.  I click on a "Create new address" link, and I have some JavaScript code that calls another caspio page with the CustomerId in a query string parameter.  That caspio page would hypothetically allow the user to create a new entry in the CustomerAddress table.  That much, I can figure out how to do, no problem.


Where the problem arises is on the page that would create the new entry in the CustomerAddress table.  The only way that I can see of creating a new record in a table in caspio is via a "Submission Form".  You can add parameters to a Submission Form, but it appears that you can't read them in, like you can with a Report Details page.  Parameters on a Submission Form seem to be outbound only.  Is this true?  Is there some other way to do what I'm trying to do?




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Thanks, I investigated this, but it only seems to take parameters passed in as form fields.  In my case, I'm coming from a list page, so I'm coming in from a link that I'm creating with an HTML block, so the value is passed in via query string parameters.  The Submission form doesn't seem to be able to read query string parameters.



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