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Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags



Has anyone had issues with deploying the Facebook Open Graph meta tags in the Header of a datapage? I placed the core OG tags in the Header of a datapage and then ran the URL through Facebook's Open Graph Object Debugger. I received the following error:


"Your page has meta tags in the body instead of the head. This may be because your HTML was malformed and they fell lower in the parse tree.
Please fix this in order for the tags to be usable.


Does anyone have any insight into this issue? Facebook is taking the Datapage name and treating it as the OG:Title tag rather than the declared value.


Thank you in advance



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As far as I know, Header is not Head.


The struture of a HTML document is:




And Body can cosist of




Head contains some information about the page (metadata), and Body contains a content of the page, only contain of Body is dispayed.


It is better to place OG tags in Head of the page, where you deploy your datapage.

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Hello Brad,

You can use the JavaScript code like:

<script language="JavaScript">
var meta = document.createElement('meta');
meta.name = "Author";
meta.content = "Name";

To add the JavaScript code to your DataPage, add it to the Footer of the DataPage.


Best regards,


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