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I am using Datahub for the first time.  I am getting "file not found error" when I attempt to set up a scheduled task to import a csv file from a web server via FTP.


Here are the steps I followed to set this up:


From Schedule Tasks page I click "Start new task"


I select "Import" for type of task I want to create


For the source I completed it as follows:

Address: ftp.webaddress.com

Directory: /web/content/inventory/

Checked "requires authentication box" and I entered the correct username and password


When I click "test connection" I get a green circle with a check mark


For the file path and name: /web/content/inventory/CheckInOut.csv



When I click next I get the following error "File not found on remote site. Check the site settings or file path and try again."


Things I checked:

I double checked the spelling of the address, path and file name


I can connect to the address with a standard FTP client and I can see the file I want to downloand and I am able to download it from the client.


What am I doing wrong?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I had a similar issue. The problem I was having was because during the creation of the FTP user authentication (created specifically for DataHub access), I had restricted the access of this FTP user to a single directory, albeit to the correct directory.


The solution was to remove the directory name altogether when creating the site record in caspio. It appears that the FTP authentication was already applying the directory location and when it attempted to "select" the directory with Caspio, it was applying the directory name twice (e.g. /web/content/inventory//web/content/inventory/CheckInOut.csv).


I know that this response is late but if you're still having issues, I suggest giving this a shot.


We use GoDaddy for our FTP.

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