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Phone/tablet App



Does anyone know how one would create a shortcut like an app for use on a phone/tablet (iPhone, android)?


My department would like to have a phone/tablet application.  I am thinking that it would be great if this app icon pointed directly to my Caspio web application or to my website.


Not sure how one goes about creating an app for phone/tablet.  I am personally an iPhone user, so I know of no way to create a icon type shortcut to put on the home screen of the iPhone/iPad.  I don't know if this is possible with Android.


I know Caspio has API to make datapages enhanced to use on a phone/tablet, but not an actual icon.


I hope this makes sense.


Are there other third party applications that can be used to get an actual phone/tablet app?


Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi SCUSDYouth,

There is a way of putting a direct link to any website on the home screen of your IOS device.

To implement that go to Safari, then follow to the website you wish to make a shortcut from. Once  you are on the correct screen click the send button on the bottom and then select the home screen from the options provided.

That's it, a shortcut pointing to your website will appear on the screen.

 On Android you first need to create a bookmark of that page in your browser, then go to the widgets menu and add that bookmark to your home screen.


Hope that helps.

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