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Hello All;

I am working through optimizing my app and step one is to ensure I'm using the proper field types.


Is there an article that describes how much data is used per record per field type?



  • General Number
  • Integer Number
  • Currency Number
  • Yes/No
  • Text(255)
  • Text(64000)

I have a pretty good guess on how these rank, but more detailed information on exact data used will help greatly.




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I tried define types using maximal values.


General Number - allows 15 digits, probably, type is float = 8 bytes per record


Integer Number - from -2147483648 to 2147483647, probably, type is int = 4 bytes per record


Currency Number  - from -922337203685477.5808 to 922337203685477.5807, probably, type is money =  8 bytes per record


Yes/No - probably, 1 byte per record


Text(255) and Text(64000) - as far as I know, if you can use Unicode, it is probably ntext for Text64000 and probably nvarchar for Text255 (because with long string the size of a table growth faster) - so, I think, storage size, in bytes, is two times the string length that is entered for both types.


But I am not sure about answers :)

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