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Hello EIQ,


There is the standard feature Record Level Security allows to restrict access to records based on the current user’s profile data. For example, based on AccountID. You can see the video about this Feature.

It seems, it can help.


Also, you can create user-specific redirect after login (video), but in this case it requires to create a separate DataPage for every DataSource.


As far as I know, it is impossible to dynamically set the data source of a DataPage.

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Thanks for the reply!


Your first suggestion is employed for my tblUser and tblAccount tables, but the rest of my tables will be too large if I combine accounts and use RLS.


Your secound suggestion is my current plan for scaling deployment to many users, and your remark about needing multiple data pages is what I am trying to avoid.  My app currently has 65 (and counting) data pages and copying the app, copying the web-site, and re-deploying each data page is a task I am not looking forward to.


Anybody know any workarounds?


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