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Move Data From One Table To Another

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"Quote_table" holds data submitted by prospective customers.  Includes name, address, phone, email, but also other information important to developing a quote.


When the prospect becomes a client, I would like to run a routine that automatically copies the name, address, phone, and email fields of the Quote_table to similarly named fields in "client_table" (the table in place for existing clients).  This would be done with a click of a button. 


I searched but couldn't find any other forum topic on this.  Can anyone offer some guidance?

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Hi @jeffs88keys,

You could use Tasks or Triggered Actions when it comes to moving the data from your Quote_table to the Client table. You could have a condition that every time it changes to the client, it will move their information to another one. 

For more information about Tasks and Triggered Actions. Here are the links:


I hope this helps!

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