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Sites - Connection Problems



Hello All!


My daily backup quit working a week ago.


I have FTP access set up on with my host, and I regularly access it with Dreamweaver and FileZilla.


I've tried Caspio FTP access and HTTP access both with the same results.


When I first click TestConnection it tells me "Connection Failed", when I try again it works.  If I wait a period of time after success it eventually goes back to "Connection Failed" for one attempt then works again.  This happens whether I stay on the Sites settings page or leave and come back.


I'm very confused... any ideas?





I'm using an Email site so I can backup my data, but that is far from ideal.

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Hi Jan;


Thanks for that link.  I ran some tests and I receive two Warnings.


Host doesn't resolve to IPv6 (which is true for 94% of servers as of Dec 2014 so that shouldn't be a problem)

MLSD not supported (which is just a standardized directory listing, which shouldn't prevent connection)

My host (GoDaddy) tells me I need Passive FTP, which I cannot find an option for in Caspio.


Does Caspio default to Passive?


Also, does Caspio have any hosting requirements such as Plesk vs. cPanel?  or file permission requirements?



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I spent a lot of time diagnosing my hosting account yesterday... it is very screwed up.


Many problems other than what I mentioned in the post.  The GoDaddy techs nor I can see anything in the settings that looks wrong, but it is behaving badly.


So I'm going to start a new hosting account from scratch and also going to switch to cPanel from Plesk.


I'll post my results


Thanks for your attention to this

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