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New Info Pop-Up For Returning Users



I'm creating a membership website for financial advisors.


I'd like to include a pop up window or something similar that will display a "Since You've Been Gone" message with new content when a returning member logs in after that new content was developed.


So, for example, if Member A logs in after a one week absence, and if we have some new content added 3 days ago, then when Member A logs in I'd like a pop up window to alert that returning Member A of the new information.  If Member B logs in this morning, then I don't want Member B to see the pop up.


I'm wondering if this is possible with Caspio.






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Hello Neil,


I think, it is possible.


The general schema is:


1) There is a field "Last visit" in an authentication table.


2) When a user logs in, the value of the field is "remembered" and a new, current value is saved.


3) The user is redirected to the DataPage that uses the "Content" table as a DataSource, and the remembered value of "Last visit" is passed as a parameter.

On the DataPage a pre-defined search is enabled and the data is filtered by the parameter and Comparison type "Greater Than".


4) A JavaScript code checks, if the message "No records found" is displayed.

If yes, the DataPage is hidden and the user is redirected to the next page without any messages.

If a record is found, the DataPage is displayed or it is opened in a pop-up window.


It seems, it should work.

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