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Rules For Fields Based On Prior Selection



Hi, I have two fields that I am trying to make a conditional rule with but am not able to within the rules of Caspio.



I have two lookup table I am using for drop down box options and I would like to conditionalize the options available - or the default selection - of drop down B based on the selection in drop down A.



I have drop down A - provider types:


10 - Main SFA

12 - Sub SFA

30 - Athletics

40 - Departments

397 - Campus Card


I have drop down box B - invoice types:


1 - By Date

2 - By Total

3 - POS Detail

4 - Page Break

5 - Multipage

6 - By CUstomer

7 - Total Only



So, if the submittor selects "30 - Athletics" as their provider type I would like the default option for invoice type to be "3 - POS Detail" but they still have the option to change if necessary.



I am not sure if this is possible but any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Liz,


You can try the following JavaScript code:

function select_default()
    var first_dropdown = document.getElementById("InsertRecordAdropdown");
    var selection = first_dropdown.options[first_dropdown.selectedIndex].value;
    var second_selection = "";
    if (selection==1) second_selection = 3;
    if (selection==2) second_selection = 5;
    if (selection==3) second_selection = 7;
    var second_dropdown = document.getElementById("InsertRecordBdropdown");
    for (var i = 0; i < second_dropdown.options.length; i++ ) 
        if (second_dropdown.options[i].value == second_selection)
                second_dropdown.options[i].selected = true;


Please, insert names of yours drop-down lists instead of Adropdown and Bdropdown.

Usually, values of drop-down lists are numbers, so I have used numbers.

You can use words, for example:


if (selection=="30 - Athletics") second_selection = "3 - POS Detail";


and so on.


I hope, it helps.

Please feel free to ask, if the code is not clear.

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Hi Jan,


Thank you so much for helping!

Would I put this in the header or footer of my data page? Does it matter?


Also, will a comma have an effect on this portion in red:


if (selection=="30 - Athletics") second_selection = "V1 - Sort By Date, Item Detail";

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Hi Liz,


Please enter the code to the Footer element.

If the code is entered to the Header element, it can do not work.


As far as I know, a comma should not have an effect.


Please make sure, that Display and Value in your drop-down lists are the same.

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