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Datepicker Not Working

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I have several apps that include a datepicker on a datefield. These have been working fine, just click the button and choose a date. Now something has changed...

I can open the datepicker but something seems to get in the way som i cannot choose a date.


The workaround is to change the CSS som the datebox ends up way out to the left.

It seems like if there is a textfield that extends beyond the datepickerbox the box does not work...


Any Ideas??

My workaround sucks because a have many apps that i have to change.





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Hello Digger,


You can try the following steps: add the Header&Footer element to your DataPage, select the Header element, click the "Source" button and add the following code:

{   z-index: 1000 !important;}

If I understand correctly, it is an issue and I believe it will be fixed very soon.

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