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Auto Update Reports

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i am building a reservation system with Caspio, but i face a problem :


I have "Deals" table that if two users are opening its report showing available reservations, and one of them booked a certain quantity; this updates the table but doesn't update what other users see at the moment causing over reservations.


I'm stuck with this issue and can't proceed further :(

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Hi there Goomla,


You could go with a javascript that refreshes the page after a set amount of time. But be warned that on any page where you are filling in a form you will want to make sure the fields pass and receive themselves as parameters so the content already entered will remain.


I'm still pretty new at javascript but some googling should find you the right one.


Best regards,


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if he forces refresh, users will lose input unless that is also scripted for. Even then, the experience will not be ideal.


If you have to use Caspio, then there could be an ajax solution via custom development and the api.


If you don't have to use Caspio, then I know from experience that reservation systems are much easier to find than more complex booking and event management systems. I recommend looking at pre-built free and premium wordpress "booking" "reservation" and "appointment" plugins.

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You could add a Virtual field for the booking data and when user submits the form, redirect to an auto-submit details page. Pass the Virtual field through the auto-submit form and onload to a hidden field, also add a filter to the auto-submit form that would filter out already booked entries (based on filter logic for what is considered booked). Set the form error message through Localization to display a custom message "This reservation is already booked" or similar message.


You can also add a timer to the page to limit user's time on details page.


Autosubmit can be found here: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4314-js-auto-submit-a-datapage/


Timer redirect can be found here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-add-a-time-limit-to-submission-forms/?_ga=1.79684304.556832044.1431814639

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