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Weird Span Tag In Radio Button




I am using a radio button to easily allow selecting from a list.

It's awesome except that it looks weird. (see attachment)


It seems like the cause for this weird behavior is an even more weird span -> span"

(What is that solitary quote symbol doing there?)

<input type="radio" name="cbParamVirtual5" id="..." value="Admin">
<label for="...">Admin</label>
<input type="radio" name="cbParamVirtual5" id="..." value="Call">
<label for="...">Call</label>

Any help will, as always, be much appreciated

Be great


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Hello Chad,


Do you select "No label" in the "Label position" dropdown for all fields?

It seems, the "Top" position is selected for this two fields and text of the label is deleted.


I am not sure of course. Could you please provide the URL instead of the screenshot?

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Hi Jan,


Here is the page - http://eziq.net/1-0/workIt-new.html?DefActionID=101


Result is similar if I choose Top, Left, or No Label. (Gap moves left when Left is chosen)

When I add a Label it shows where it should, and the random gap stays in the middle of the Radio Buttons.





p.s. this requires authentication. I assume you can get by this, but if not you can go get a username and password at effortlessIQ.com

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I tried to look, but the account I made didn't work.


nvrmnd, just had to validate.


shot in the dark:


check line 103 of your js.js for popup window



edit: Actually I don't think that's it. Maybe a new error in Caspio's markup following 8.7 release? 

Edited by aam82
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