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Calculations In Views (Like In Ms Access Queries)



i'm a newb. literally just getting started. so if this is a super basic question, please don't hold it against me...


I've used MS Access in the past so am reasonably familliar with the way it works and am using Caspio as the closest thing I've seen to it's user interface and functionality.


One piece of functionality that I haven't been able to replicate (and which happens to be pretty imprtant to me at the moment) is creating a calculated field in a view. In access queries, you are able to add a field that is calculated based on other fields within tables used in the query. Is this possible using Caspio's views or are reports the only place where calculations can take place?


thanks so much for the help!

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Calculated fields currently are only available in Report and Details DataPages. They are not available on the table or view. If you need the calculated values to be stored in the table  upon submission or update, you can use JavaScript. See an example here http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/3149-js-perform-a-calculation-on-values-entered-in-a-webform/


Hope this helps.



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Hi All, 

Just want to let you know that MS Access will be deprecated. If you have an existing Data Import/Export task, the used MS Access will continue to function until April 1, 2024. We strongly recommend updating your scheduled import/export tasks that use MS Access before this date to avoid interruption to your applications. Refer to the article 

https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-42-0/caspio-42-0/#:~:text=about Logs.-,Deprecations,-We have recently


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