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Use Multiple Date Fields In Same Calendar?



I have a table that has a few date fields in it. Each record has fields for 'Item Created Date', 'Estimated Ship Date', and 'Estimated Finish Date'. I need to have a single calendar that puts each of these dates (if there is a value in that field) and another fields value (for description) in the same calendar. 


For example. A record in this table with a Field:Description value of 'Oushak Rug' could have:


Item Created Date: 05/01/15

Estimated Ship Date: 07/06/15

Estimated Finish Date: 09/03/15


I need the value 'Oushak Rug' to show up 3 times on the calendar, once for each date, along with a label, so it makes sense, like:


Oushak Rug: Created

Oushak Rug: Est. Ship

Oushak Rug: Est. Finish


The labels would be based on the date filed name the date was taken from. 


Is this possible in Caspio? I only see a way to use a single date field from a table and it would be cumbersome to have to have 3 separate calendars. My app is date heavy so I'm hoping this is doable. 


Thanks for the help, in advance. 

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