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Passing Caspio Parameter To An External Html Code





My goal is to conditionally hide text/ links etc. based on whether the user is logged in or not. TO be more specific, i want the login text to change into a "Hi user..... Logout" link whenever he has logged in.


In my datapage i have enabled parameters and writting the following code in an HTML block


<br />
var type_user='[@field:Resume]';


where Resume is a Yes/no field in the same dataset, it is a Yes for all users.



On my website, i have an HTML code which goes like

if (type_user=='Yes') {
document.getElementById("uniquename").style.display = "none";
else {
document.getElementById("uniquename").style.display = "block";


<div id="uniquename" style="display:block;">
<p>I am something.</p>


Please help!

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Hello josephstanley,


Welcome to Caspio forum!


If I understand correctly, you want to display a text, if a user is logged in a DataPage.


I used the following steps:

  1. On a WebPage, added the following code
  • <div id = "divId" style = "display:none;">Display me, if a user logs in!</div>
  • On a DataPage, added a Header&Footer element, selected the Footer, clicked the Source button and entered the following code:
  • <script>
    document.getElementById("divId").style.display = "block";


If a user does not log in, the code does not execute and the text is hidden.
When a user log in, the code executes and the text is displayed.
I hope, it helps.
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