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Show The Style Class In Html



I'm a newbie.  Been in this for just a week.  Spending a lot of time trying to find where the modify which style for which element.  Using Firebug, I can see the element, but the .cb***** class is not shown.  Just the compiled style is made into a literal style statement. This is great for forcing the style, but it really stinks for trying to figure out which is which.  


For example, NestTable is used in Layouts for styles.  Would be REALLY GREAT for debugging to be to able to turn on a "Show Class in Code" function that would spit out a simple 'class="formdetail layout cbNestTable" ' so I can figure out more easily where to change the style.  


Wasting a LOT of time.  I realize this can freak out the style if you are using styles by the same name, but I'm looking for a debug or a map or something to help tie where in the style source I can match up the output.


Feature request, if not available

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Hello gsgriffin,


Welcome to Caspio forum!


Have you used the preview mode or URL Deployment? As far as I know, in these variants you can find names of classes rather easily with the "Fine element" functionality of a browser.


Also you can set settings on the "Settings" tab and use the Preview link to see how DataPages will be displayed. You can find some more details in the article.


And you can post your idea in the ideabox, then it will be read by the product team and implemented.


I hope, it helps.

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