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Hierarchy Trees - Can They Be Done?





I am trying to work out a way to get a flat view, but having a difficult time trying to figure out how to make Caspio return what I need.


I have a table of locations, and a table of workers.


Each worker works at one location.


Each location has one parent. A location can have many children.


Say the location table has:

Loc_ID | Location | Parent_ID
1      | USA      | NULL
2      | Oregon   | 1
3      | Portland | 2

Now say I have a worker who had credentials at the national headquarters.


I can create a flat view that connects him directly to his location - say a view that only allows someone who works at the national office to log in.


I can also create a view that goes three nodes deep as ID/Location Pairs:




How can I create a view that looks like this?

Wrk_ID | Worker | Loc_ID | Location   | Par_ID | Parent Loc | Gpr_ID | GParent Loc
1      | Jerry  | 1      | USA        | --     | --         | --     | --
1      | Jerry  | 2      | Oregon     | 1      | USA        | --     | --
1      | Jerry  | 3      | Portland   | 2      | Oregon     | 1      | USA

This type of view would be easy to create in SQL, but I am having a hard time getting the result I want in Caspio.

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I think you would have to limit your hierarchy to child, parent, and grandparent tables, and join the tables accordingly.


If you can't pre-define the number of levels in your hierarchy, then you would have to somehow conditionally loop for joins, in order to extend for an unlimited amount of columns? I don't know if SQL has such a thing?

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