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Deleting Url Query Parameter From The Virtual Memory Once Passed



Is it possible to delete/ reset parameters (automatically) ,  passed using URL string , once done? 


I am trying pass various parameters (three in total) to a single table using one auto submit. Passed data is stored in their corresponding columns ONE at a time. Only one data string is passed at once using URL query method.


Just to simplify, data is collected from three different points at different time but they are passed using one Auto-submit to a single table.


The situation I am facing here is when I pass one piece of information let's say 'ProductA_ID', the ID gets store in the virtual memory. Now suppose I pass "ProductB_ID' immediately after; In the table it enters ProductB_ID (in column B) & ProductA_ID (in column A). Which duplicates the ID of ProductA in the same column. 


One possible alternative would be use of different auto-submits for different products. However ideally I would like to know if there is a possibility to remove ID from virtual memory immediately after passed?


Thanks in advance


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