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Submission Error Message & Redirect Not Working



Our submission form is being used to add new records to our database. On the submission form there are several required fields. When previewing the form in Caspio, we receive a 'You did not enter valid information in one or more of the fields.' if we didn't.  We have embedded the form in our website, and if we leave any required fields blank, the submission form goes to a homepage rather than alert to missing information.


Currently in Caspio Preview - 

Enter good info on submission form, page accepts (I assume, nothing loads, page just clears out)

Enter incomplete info on submission form, receive warning as above; when corrected, page accepts (I assume, but nothing loads and page clears out)

Once upon a time the good information would trigger a new page in Caspio 'good job'


Currently on website-

enter good info into submission form, go to page that says 'congrats'

enter incomplete information, go to website homepage with no alerts/indicators of error or submission success

Once upon a time the website would display the congrats and the error message - however there has been a big website changeover since those days.


We want an incomplete entry to the submission form on the website to display an 'error incomplete' message, then go to the 'congrats' page when submission is complete/correct. This isn't happening. .

Any suggestions for a fix? 

We do not have virtual fields, we do not have dropdowns - only radio buttons, text fields, and a couple 'choose from listed'. 

Thanks in advance!



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Hi April,


If you want to let your users to submit data only when all the fields of the Form were filled out, make all the fields required. In this case if a user left blank required field the error will appear "You did not enter valid data". The data will not be submitted until user enter data in all the required fields.


What have you selected for "Destination after record submit" on the "Web Form Wizard - Destination and Emails"

Select "Display a message" if you want to display a message like "Your submission was successful". This message appear when you filled out all the required fields with data and data was submitted successfully.


You can read more about submission forms here


I hope this helps.



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