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Unable To Pass Paramater- Javascript Routine To Caspio Field

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I have a 'one to many' relational db with Student demographics in the (one) database and classes for each student in the other (many) database.  I have a javascript routine that evaluates the current 'time' and assigns it a Period number (1, 2, etc).  The routine runs fine and outputs its' result in a variable  called 'pperiod' when run.  


I am trying to run this javascript above in the html block of  the submission form  datapage where there is a field named Period assigned  to accept the value in 'pperiod'.


The routine runs fine outside of Caspio, but no value is inserted in my form field when it is run from the html block in the form datapage.


I am at my wits end!  Thanks in advance.

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I would recommend you inserting code in the footer instead of HTML block, also do not assign a value 'pperiod' for the field "Period".


On the event "submit" you should call a function to calculate the value write it in the field "Period".


Take a look at this example. 


I hope this helps.

Thank you very much !!  :)

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