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Wonder if anyone has an answer idea for this.


We are trying to track page views of a website with an embedded Caspio report. In essence we are trying to track the number of people who visit the page.  This report is just read only - we have used localization to remove its update button.


Our idea was to have a second datapage on the webpage which would run some basic js that would increment a count every time it was submitted - we had though we would use the autosubmit script to run the function, as so:




However issue we have is that if we include the autosubmit script the function simply starts looping.  We were wondering if the fact that we have two datapages was confusing things.  That said if do have two how could we differentiate and just get the second one to run once when the webpage loads.


Anyone done something similar or got any ideas?








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Hi George,


Consider using Google Analytics for this purpose. There are many, many customizations and reports there, and of course you will be able to track number of people who visit the page. You can sign up for a free account here


You will receive a few lines of code that must be added to your web page headers. 


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Thanks for reply.  Unless you know otherwise I need the number of pageviews to be held within Casio.  I am not aware you can pass this info across to Capsio but perhaps you can - if you know how please do advise.


In basic terms we are looking to increment a counter held in a table each time a particular page is viewed.  I know you can get php counters for websites etc but I need the count held in capsio.   Sorry if I did not explain this clearly.  Thanks for reply and if you know how we could do this please advise.  We got a second datapage to do the count but ran into problems with the autosubmit which went into a loop.   The main datapage we are trying to count pageviews on is a details page with its update button removed in localization.



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