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Passing Parameters Back To Virtual Multi-Select Listboxes



You'll like this one!


I have a virtual listbox in a submission form.  I've made it multi-select by using the usual JS code.

I want the user's selection(s) to return when a new search is made, so I went to the advanced tab of the datapage and put the same parameter that I pass on exit, into load.


Everything works well if I select just 1 entry in the listbox (ie, that same entry comes back as highlighted when I do a new search).


But if I multi-select an entry, when I carry out a new search those previous entries don't highlight.

Instead, I see a new entry at the bottom of the listbox with all my previous entries separated by commas.




Also, how can I make cascading listbox selections return with a new search (both single and multi-select).  There's no parameter 'load' feature in the advanced tab for that element.


Many thanks

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It should be similar to the code at http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4315-js-multiselect-listbox-in-update-datapage/


This code is for update page to separate values and select them. I have not tried it myself yet. Instead of "[@field:state]" you can receive the value you are passing for instance "[@parameter name]" and "EditRecordstate" should be replaced by appropriate element ID.

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Thanks MayMusic.    I've done as you suggested, but can't quite get it to work.


Should I be placing the update page code that you suggested in the datapage footer, immediately after my other code that deals with making the virtual listbox multi-select and function 'splitAndParse'?

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