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Java To Remove Hyphen In Login Page

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I have my login page deployed which is working fine. the User ID is a text field that is a 9 digit number, often seen by the user as XX-XXXXXXX. In the input for the login screen, if someone enters the hyphen, I'd like to add script to remove it so it happens in the background.


This is what I added so far that is not working:


function nophyphen()
var a = document.getElementById("xip_EIN").value;
a = a.replace(/-/g, "");
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Hello wgalliance,


HTML element "form" doesn't have "onchange" event. Also after change variable "a" you didn't set it back to "value" property of input element. 


Please add this script to footer of authentication which you use.


<script type="text/javascript">
        function nophyphen() {
            var ctrl = document.getElementById("xip_UserId");
            if (ctrl) {
                ctrl.value = ctrl.value.replace(/-/g, "");

        var xip = document.getElementById("xip_UserId");
        if (xip) { xip.onchange = nophyphen };

Please pay your attention, that you need to change "xip_UserId" to correct name of your field.


You can see example below




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