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System error. (Caspio Bridge error) (5)




I am receiving the following error on our site when attempting to perform an inline update on a tabular report:  "System error. (Caspio Bridge error) (5)"

This was working fine last week and now it throws this error.  Note that this inline edit feature DOES work within Caspio preview mode. Any suggestions/insight would be appreciated.



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2 hours ago, kRv said:

Hello MTF,

Can you tell me please, which kind of deployment method do you use? Embed? Also please tell me which kind of data type your field has.


Hi kRv, deployment method is .NET with secure connection. Datatype of field is Text (255) and is a dropdown on inline edit.

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1 hour ago, MayMusic said:

There might be some codes on your we page that is conflicting with the Caspio DataPage, What is the URL to the web page? We can take a look at the errors and inspect the codes to see what is causing it.

Hi May, thanks for the suggestion. Upon inspecting the page code, I found this error:

"Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience."

Looks like it was an issue with the 2 datapages I had calling out on the same aspx page. Removing one of them resolved the issue. Also deploying to iFrames allowed both on the same page.

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