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Need help... I am trying to show all results from a search which are 3 days old. Those which are less than 3 days old will be filtered out. How can i achieve that using caspio? Eg. I have a field named startdate which is of date type. Assuming today is 29/3, my app will return only data up till 26/3. Those new records with startdate from 27/3 to 29/3 will be filtered out. Thanks :)

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Hi maymusic, u got me wrong

I need d app to display results less the recent 3 days, n not d other way round eg






I need d app to display results for 25/6 & 26/6. I dont want results for 27/6, 28/6 & 29/6 to be shown to d user

The previous (3) days will show me results for 29/6, 28/6 & 27/6



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Oh I see what you are looking for now... unfortunately we cannot add javascript to a filtering page to make this happen but if you have a search page to search for data, you can calculated 3 days ago and then receive the value in date field and select less than or equal as comparison type. If you have a search page, give me the link to it I can then guide you how to calculated 3 days before now it should be like:

function f_date(){

var today= new Date();

var threedaysago = (today.getMonth() + 1) + "/" + (today.getDate() - 3) + "/" + today.getFullYear();

document.getElementById('Value1_1').value =threedaysago;

document.getElementById('searchID').onmouseover = f_date;

Value1_1 is the ID of the date field.

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