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inputing multi-select values

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Hello, I am trying to make a fairly simple database app. It actually started as a simple Google sheet. There is just one trick to it - there is one field for which I need to allow multiple values, but I want each of those values to be validated from a pre-approved list of values. It seems this is not possible in a Google sheet, so I figured I would try Caspio to do it. I'm happy to have the list of values be it's own table and even to have the selection of those values be on a separate form from the creation/editing of the primary record. But I can't really figure out how to do this. Does anyone know of a tutorial that explains this?


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Thanks for replying MayMusic.

Yes we can do multiselect of a Listbox.  Our issue is with Cascading Listboxes.  We need to first use a listbox (or drop-down) to select one variable then based on that present a list of options and have the user multiiselect from that list i.e in a Cascading Listbox and then be able to at a later date amend their selection in an Update form.

Be v grateful for any ideas or work around as we are finding its a big limitation with the Caspio Platform.


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We have not as yet been able to fix.  The new facilities just launched with ver 9.6 are almost there for us.  Sadly however we need the ability to be able to select from a table/view.  That feature is not on this release.  We also need to be able to use it in a cascading manner.  So whilst the platform is clearly advancing we don't have a solution - yet. 

Do wish you all the best in your hunt.  If you find a solution please do let me know :-)


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