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Can user choose what fields to be shown on a result page from a report




I'm new to Caspio and handling databases in general. I'm using it to store a research database for medical research, and people in our team wants to get subsets of this database from time to time. I have therefore created a search page where the user can enter conditions for some of the fields and in that sense only get some of the records shown. However, is there a way for the user to also control what fields that are actually shown in the results page?

For example, if we have three fields "Date", "Name" and "Sex", can I create a search and report page where the user can choose both to set dates for the entries he is interested in viewing, but then also choose to only view the fields "Date" and "Name" for these entries? And the next user might want to limit the search to only males and want to view only "Name" and "Sex but leave out the "Date" field.



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