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Customizing Collapsible Sections Button Look & Text

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I used the instructions here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-creating-collapsible-sections/ to create a collapsible section in my details page. Is there a way to change what the button looks like to fit in more with the rest of my styling? 

I have created an image that I can use as the button (which works fine) except that the mouse doesn't change into the hand when it's hovered over the image and I think my users need that to know that it's a link. Is there a way to tell the image to do the cursor: pointer thing?


Thanks for looking!

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Try to add a class to the button, and put a CSS rule for the class in your Caspio or Site stylesheet.


Add a class

from linked How To, see bold:

<input type="button" onClick="Displayer(1)" value="Personal Info">  with    <img src="IMAGE URL " class="caspioPointer" onClick="Displayer(1)" >



.caspioPointer {

cursor: pointer;



or for inline CSS, in your datapage footer, put


.caspioPointer {

cursor: pointer;




more options here



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