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HI, I had a 4MB registration database that I thought is the reason why I have huge monthly billing (data overage). It only has 2300 records and 37 fields (name, dates, yes/no, etc.) I downloaded a copy, removed some irrelevant entries (mostly texts) and uploaded them again. The file size went down to 2.9MB. Since that registration database opens every time someone registers or updates her record, I decided to just remove the ones who finished the ativity and create a separate app to search these "finished" records. However, the file size remains to be 2.9MB even if I removed 1153 records. Shouldn't the file size update automatically? I would appreciate any notes of experience if you have a similar issue. Thanks!

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The size of the table doesn't directly affect data usage.

Data usage is measured by data shown to the user.

I can't decipher what you're trying to accomplish with your DataPage, so I can't provide any detailed advice, however, some conceptual advice...

You can reduce data usage by filtering your data to only show relevant data to the users.

Also AJAX is very heavy - I only use it on 1 of my ~125 DataPages.

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Just an additional info, activities performed inside Caspio Bridge that incur data transfer include:

1. Running Scheduled Tasks : interactive/on-demand

2. Enabling CDN FileStor (count one time to move to CDN)

3. Some activities associated with Preview of DataPages.

4. Preview Submission Form and you submit data and files.

5. Preview Search and Report DataPage and you Search. When you get results with many rows and images, sorting and paging, and click to details and go back to results.


Activities performed inside Caspio Bridge that don't incur data transfer include:

1. Creating and accessing objects

2. Import of apps/tables/DataPages

3. Export of objects

4. Upload and Download of files

5. Preview of Submission form without lookup dropdowns

6. Preview of Report DataPage, direct to results (or details) that does not display images nor paging activities



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