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Multiple actions for a datapage



Hi all,

I have 2 iframes on one webpage, one is a search submission datapage, the other a results datapage

When I press a 'reset' button that I've created, I want the internal parameters in the search page to reset to null, but I also want the results page to update to a "Search couldn't find data" screen  (otherwise I still see the results from the previous search).   Refreshing the webpage URL adding  "cbResetParam=1" has no effect, probably because the datapages are in iframes.  

So my thinking is that, (first) I should null the search datapage internal parameters, and this I can do with the 3rd line of code below.  Then, (2nd) I need to 'submit' the search page, so that the results page updates with the null internal parameters I've just set.    Both these code instructions work well independently,  But when I combine them, as below, line 3 won't execute.  Only line 5 executes.   The result is that the whole webpage (incl. iframes) refreshes, but the internal parameters are not nulled.  I've tried putting "&cbResetParam=1" on the end of the url on line 5, but there's no effect.   Am I wrong to think that 2 actions can run simultaneously under one 'submit' function?   Is my code just rubbish (which wouldn't surprise me)?


function mygosubmit(){
  var thisURL = location.href;
  location.href = thisURL +"&cbResetParam=1";     // THIS LINE WON'T EXECUTE !!

     if (window.parent && window.parent.postMessage) {
           window.parent.postMessage("refresh", "http://my_web_page_url.html");        // THIS LINE DOES EXECUTE !!

document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit= mygosubmit;

Many thanks for any help or hints

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Thanks aam82

This sort of works, but it means my internal parameters will always be nulled.   If User hits 'submit', I want the internal parameters to re-load the User's selection in the listboxes.  It's only if User hits 'reset' that I want internal parameters to be nulled.

I could try using an 'if / else' statement in the webpage where I embed the iframe urls, but I would need to send some kind of flag from Caspio to the webpage to tell the HTML code whether 'submit' or 'reset' was pressed in Caspio.  I don't know how to do that.  Any ideas?


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