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Conditionally change color of display field in details page

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I would like to conditionally change the color of a display field on a detail page.

I have a set of 9 fields that are all set as display fields. If the value is "Incomplete" I would like it to show up in RED text, otherwise nothing changes. 

I have read several of the forums but most of them refer to tabular reports or a field which the user updates. This is simply a details page with a display field.

Thanks in advance,

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Same code should apply here:

<div id="mydiv"> </div>

if ("[@field:First_Name]" == "Incomplete"){
document.getElementById("mydiv").innerHTML ="<span style='color:red;'> [@field:First_Name] </span>";
} else{
document.getElementById("mydiv").innerHTML ="[@field:First_Name]";


Select [@field:First_Name] from picker in the code above. It should be the field you want to conditionally change the color for.

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