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Send email to addresses in a text field

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I created a text field "email_list" in the form and set default value to "user1@gmail.com;user2@yahoo.com". Then in the notification email configuration, I put [@field:email_list] in the TO field. My hope is that an email is sent to the addresses in the email_list when the form is submitted.

If only one email address is in the email_list field, it works. The email can be received.

When putting more than one emails in the field, it doesn't work anymore. None of them receive the email.

What could be wrong?

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I can successfully send Notification emails to multiple recipients - though I've never used parameters.

Can you confirm there are semi-colons after BOTH emails?

I see using one text field to accept multiple emails as potentially problematic as there wouldn't be a way to ensure proper email format.


Maybe use multiple Virtual Fields set as Email, then use Javascript to combine multiple emails into one text field, so you can ensure proper email format and semi-colon usage.

This may never work with Paremeters - you may have to loop through auto-submitting data pages to accomplish this.

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I figured out a work around. Just to share to those who need to do the same thing.

A text field that contains multiple email addresses can be used in the TO field in Acknowledgement email, but it CANNOT be used in Notification email.

Strange enough, uh...?

I have talked to many customer support guys and none of them could offer any help. I eventually figured out the work around myself :).

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