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Responsive Web Submission form in Datapages

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Can any of you help me out? I have created a simple web submission form datapage. When I deploy this (via embed) onto my Weebly site the form is not responsive. I also created a simple tabular report datapage and deployed this in Weebly and it has worked perfectly. 

I followed the instructions on http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/responsive-datapages-overview/responsive-forms-submission-web-form-updatedetails-form-search-form-login-form/ but it hasn't made any difference - in fact it has messed my a bit of my formatting when I view on my iphone.

Can anyone help me out here?



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I used the link Mathilda provided and followed the instructions there. There is no change for me with display on an iPhone both Safari and Chrome are the same. They are messed up for a Tabular report with text above and below the table. Fonts are still huge perhaps same as desktop view and doesn't seem to adjust to the small screen on the devices. Desktop is perfectly fine. Please help.

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