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Define several actions / rules for the same field - issue



I followed the instructions to get this to work at bottom of this section:  How can I define several actions for the same field    

Simple scenerio: Unless If Form Field A = X   and/or   Form Field B = X   then  Hide Form field C.  

Instructions say to accomplish this "First create a Section that includes the field. Apply one Action to the field and another Action to the Section. " which I did.


Works well with one exception.  To accomplish this the SECTION had to be at the end of the rest of the form.  The two fields that trigger this (field A and B above) are presented much higher in the form.  This rule hides or lets appear the field at the bottom of the form - a bit removed from the questions where it applies.  



I need that field up further in the field order.  Can I make this section containing this sometimes hidden field appear in a specific location (or embedded within another section)?


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