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Use Calculated Field for Sum in tabular



I'm trying to use a calculated field for a Sum in another calculated field on a tabular datapage (the aggregation won't work for this particular sum, as the sums are for group headers). 

This is a complicated series of totals so hopefully the process can be followed through.

a) I have 2 calculated fields (that are SELECT) to determine some totals and then a 3rd calculated field that 'decides' which one to use for it's own value:

Calculated Field:3

 WHEN myfield=1 THEN 

I need to now do a Sum for calculated field 3. I've tried a lot of syntax but cant' get it to work (again, I can't use the standard aggregation). Does anyone know how to do this?


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The problem (I get error when trying) is those calculated fields aren't drawing from the same table. Is there a way to put, instead of [@calcfield:1] the actual syntax from calcfield:1 which is:



FROM Proposals Where ProposalID=target.[@field:Items_ProposalID] AND CompanyID ='[@authfield:CompanyID]'

That said, calcfield2 is even more complicated because it's choosing from 3 other calculated fields, in a different View. 

If I can somehow use all sub-SELECTs instead of the [@calcfield:1 or 2] that would probably do it but I don't know how, or if it's possible. 

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