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Formatting downloads for Excel



The problem I face is that when Users download data from my Caspio results table they get an unformated Excel file.  It would be great to somehow apply a template to adjust column/row widths, fonts, add a logo, etc., so that when the user opens up the Excel file, all looks consistent and professional.  Obviously there's no standard feature in Caspio to do this, but I'm wondering whether such a setup could even be possible.   I'd even be happy to write an Excel macro to do the formatting (and call the data) if that could form part of the solution.   What makes it tougher is that the whole process would need to happen on the fly.

 Any advice much appreciated.

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Well, as far as I'm concerned, writing the Excel macro to format spreadsheet data is the straightforward part.

The hard part for me is understanding how to make the whole process happen,  ie as soon as the User hits the Caspio results table 'download' button the steps (I think) would be: 

1) Caspio sends unformatted data to Excel  (could send directly to my computer (which would be on 24 hrs/day),  or perhaps to a specified Excel 'shell' available in the cloud somewhere)

2) Once data received into a spreadsheet, an Excel macro is triggered to format the data in that spreadsheet  (that's the easy part)

3) After formatting the spreadsheet, the file is saved as xls / xlxs, and sent back to CASPIO, and 'magically' appears on the Users screen as an Excel file for download

... and all within seconds of the User hitting the 'download' button!

I imagine that this involves CASPIO API's, or some other data communication, but would really appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.











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