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Passing parameter in relational database



I have two tables linked in a relational database: Clients and Appointment.  After finding the Client and displaying same, a javascript routine in the header of the Search Results screen calculates the category to assign to the appointment and puts this in a variable called 'pcategory'.  I am trying to pass this variable via a query string to the Add datapage for Appointments:  ....URL?Category=[@pcategory].  In the Add datapage, there is a field 'Category' which is configured as 'hidden' and is set 'on load' to receive [@Category].  However, I cannot seem to get it to receive the value in the variable 'pcategory'.  Testing with alert(pcategory) in the same html block as the query string shows that 'pcategory' does contain the value to be passed!  What am I doing wrong?

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