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Only display records older than specified time



I'm trying to create a report that displays all records "older" than "X Hours."

For instance, suppose I had 100 submissions 24+ hours ago, and 100 submissions today (within the last 24 hours). I want a report only displaying the 100 submissions from 24+ hours ago (and everything else prior to then -- but it excludes the submissions within the past 24 hours). Ideally this is specifiable by number of hours. EG, display all submissions/records older than X hours.

(Records are tagged with date/time of original submission).


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Hi Adam,

You could add a new field "Date_filter" of Formula data type to your table and use the following function:


Replace [@field:timestamp] with the name of your field that holds date/time of original submission.

In the pre-defined criteria report, on Select Filtering Fields screen, move "Date_filter" to Selected Fields area. On the Configure Filtering Fields screen click on the "Date_filter" field and choose "Before Now" as comparison type.

Hope this helps.


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Wow ! this is what I was looking for!  I want to filter records except showing the last 7 days.  It works perfectly.  Set a formula field and add 7 days to the date submitted and then filter using Before Now and records that are 7 days new wont show up because their date is actually stamped ahead.


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