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Keep the value in the fields after submitting


We have an app where people can fill in itemdata. The datapage has about 30 fields so there's a lot info asked.

Many times the difference between items is little (f.e. only size, or only color)

Now I'm looking for a way to, instead of clearing all fields, keep the values in most of the fields, Just clear the unique ones.

So after submitting 1 item, they only have to change a few fields (f.e. color and the itemnr) and submit the new record.

This way they don't have to fill in mostly the same data everytime again.


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Hi Satch, 

You can set up default values for the fields that likely stay intact most of the time. If necessary, the user will be able to overwrite these values. To set a default value for the field, click on it, then switch to Advanced Tab and enable "Receive parameters" check box. Choose "Default Value" from the drop down and enter your default value.


Hope this helps.

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Perhaps you could have a Lookup table that would list the default values for each vendor. For example:

Vendor        Size     Color

Sharpy        150       Blue

PenHQ       3000     Multi

On your submission form you can make the Vendor to be a drop down and use the Lookup table to pull up the options. You can them make the rest of the fields be Cascading Text Boxes and pull up data using the same Lookup table. This way when user selects Sharpy for the Vendor, the Size field will show "150" and Color will show "Blue" automatically.


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Hi Ariel,


Hmm, we're talking about a different approach here. I have to say I keep this (good) option in mind for something different!


The problem I'm talking about is that we don't know what type of items the vendors will add.

When we are on businesstrip, we select a lot of different items at different vendors.

Then we ask the vendor to put the item descriptions in the portal. So we don't know upfront what's coming.

And the items really, really vary between vendors.


Another approach.....don't know if this is valid.

After submitting the form, click "back button" in the browser. The values are there again. Change some fields and then submit again.

Seems to work. Question: Is this "dangerous"??


Best, Satch

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I think it would be probably better to have a link with parameters back to the submission form in the Destination and Triggers, "Display Message" area, like this:

Your submission was successful.<a href="https://c0ebl246.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=7c243000cfcaf3e1ebd04a21b9dd&name=[@field:Item_Name]&color=[@field:Color]&size=[@field:Size]">Click here to submit another order</a>


Then in the Submission Form, go to Configure Fields screen and receive external parameters in the Advanced Tab for every field that is expected to have repetitive value, like [@name], [@color], [@size] etc.. There's a guideline on how to receive parameters here: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/receiving-parameters/

At the end you should have something similar to this test page: https://c0ebl246.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=7c243000cfcaf3e1ebd04a21b9dd

The user inputs information and clicks Submit. He is redirected to the confirmation message where he clicks on "Click here to submit another item" link. The parameters of previous order are being passed in query string. Here's some more info on query strings: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/parameters-as-query-string-values/


 Please note that the example above is relevant to Direct URL deployment. If your form is deployed on the website the first parameter should be following after a question mark (?) like:

<a href="https://mysite.com/submit-new-order.html?name=[@field:Item_Name]&color=[@field:Color]&size=[@field:Size]">Click here to submit another order</a>


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