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Agents to monitor timestamps

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In my database, I want to record timestamps as a request moves through different statuses (I have 12). I would like for the system to pop off an email (to the requester or manager) if a request lingers in one status for too long. Is this a function inhering in Caspio Bridge, or is this something that may need a bit of coding? Thank you.

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Hi Terry,

Triggers can be created only on the back end at the moment. PS team can implement this kind of requests

Also you may use the following workaround. You will need to stamp the record with date when the status is changed, also add one more checkbox field  to the source table or view, we will use this field to select records where the same status is too long and email has to be sent.

Create a report and using the date diff function show how many days ago status was changed, the select needed records using check boxes and send automatic email on update (the record will be updated when you check the checkbox). You may use Caspio's automatic emails to notify requester or manager or use Zapier for this purpose.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if something is not clear enough.

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