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Parameters that are set based on image/button clicked



I am trying to integrate Wix with Caspio. In this case, specifically calling a datapage that I defined, by clicking on an image on a Wix website I am building. The Caspio datapages can read external or system parameters that are set but I could not find a way or workaround to set extra parameters to the request that goes out when an image is clicked.

Suppose I have 3 images on my site that call the same caspio datapage when clicked. How do I set parameters based on which image is clicked and read them as external or bridge parameters (or anything I can access) to do processing differently in that datapage based on these parameters.

So for example, if image Apple is clicked, one or two (one is good for now) parameters should be set to 'Apple' and 'Red' for the datapage that is called and for the datapage to be able to read these settings. Similarly if an Orange is clicked the two parameters set will be 'Orange' and 'orange' etc.

Is there any other way to differentiate to tell me which image was clicked, as a workaround.

Any suggestions or solution is appreciated.


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